Mocha hunting in Yemen end of 2011

Hi everyone who landed on this page, this web page about me and the coffee I hunt in Yemen,

I stayed in Yemen from 20th October until 16th December 2011 hunting coffee in Yemen, it was kind of hard travel due to the political situation and the weak security, but I have met great farmers and amazing people in this trip.

Each time I arrive to a new valley or village I understand more about the legendary coffee, it is all about the farmers who have Inherit the farming tradition the coffee varieties and they care of this coffee trees. most of coffee farmers do not have any other sort of income only this coffee trees in the terraces hanging on the slopes of the mountains.

When I buy this coffee I make sure the farmer is happy in return the farmer make sure I got the best coffee they can produce. I am building good relationship with the farmers. I always tell them the feedback of my costumers who buy their coffee they really feel happy when the hear this feedback.

I will write more about this in the coming weeks, you can view the pictures of my travel below.